Create a Stripe Account

You must have a Stripe account to accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit card payment online. Once you created a Stripe account, Stripe will provide you with an API Key. You will need to copy and paste this API Key to your PrintMissile account to start accepting credit card payment for all your print orders. (It is very SIMPLE. This only take less than 5 minutes to setup.)

Stripe is a top leading online payment merchant and PrintMissile only use Stripe as our payment processor.

Getting a Stripe account is totally FREE.

Learn more about Stripe (Wiki)
Get Stripe account here

You must first register a Stripe account.
Click here to register a new Stripe account.

After registration, you will see your dashboard.
Go to "Your account" and click on "Account Settings".

Click on "API Keys".

Copy the "Live Secret Key".

Paste your Key back to your PrintMissile account at the front page and click "Add Key".

You could also update this key in your "My Account" page from your PrintMissile account later on.

You are almost done. Next step is to activate your Stripe account. This is where you will need to fill in your business and bank information so that Stripe could deposit money to your bank automatically.

Switch to "LIVE" mode from your Stripe dashboard. It will prompt you to activite your account.

Just enter all required information from this page and click "Activate account".

Finally, please make sure your Stripe account is "LIVE".

You are now all set and ready to accept credit card payment online for your print business.