Assign Files to Order

You could assign files to an order by clicking the "Browse" button on the top right

There are 2 ways to look for a file.

1. Sort file by 1 of our 4 categories
    1a. all files - This will display all the files you have on PrintMissile
    1b. new received files - The files you received from clients from the past 2 days
    1c. files without order - Files does not associated with any orders
    1d. files with order - Files associated with at least 1 order

2. Search for files - You could search files by client's email or the file name

Once you found your file. Simply click on "Assign to order" to assign this file to your selected order.


Once you received files from client. Create or select an existing order to assign files to.

Find the file from our file list. You could either search by user email or sort to locate the file.