You could upload proof files to an order by clicking the "Upload" button on the top right

Click on the "Proof" switch to yes and start uploading your proof files. It is the same as uploading any other files.

Once your proof files are uploaded. You could see the files from your order. The only difference with other files is the background color is slighty yellow to easily differentiate with other regular uploaded files.

An email will be automatically sent to your client once upload is completed. Client could now download the proof by clicking the file name and either approve or decline this file.

You will get an email notification either client approved or declined this proof.

You could see this file has been approved by client from your order.


Uploading proof files is the same as uploading any files. You just need to click the proof switch to yes. PrintMissile will send your client an email automatically once you uploaded the proofs to request for their approval. You will see the file background color turned to light yellow to show this is a proof file.

You will be notify once your client approved or declined a proof file.